Importance of Vision in Golf

Vision in Golf

Being a state known for its large and beautiful golf courses, Texas has always attracted golf enthusiasts. There is little wonder that the number of candidates interested in being a part of a golf club in Texas is growing every year.

But not all can qualify as a noted player because this game requires patience, concentration, and skills. You may have worked on your postures and perfected your shots, but despite this, if you find the scores to be discouraging, understand that your fault doesn’t lie in your technicalities. It is your vision that is deceiving you. So, you need to work on this ability and enhance this area through different exercises.

Vision in Golf

A Visually Demanding Sport

Spending your time, money and energy to improve the strokes will not give you any positive output if there is no hand-eye coordination. Golf is one of the sports where excellent vision can take a player to a higher performance level. Each and every stroke you play depends on how you perceive the shot from the teeing area. You do not have to make any quick reactions, rather make accurate judgments with your eyes and read the track, determining how to hit your putts and in which direction.

So, before spending a good amount of money on golfing equipment, go for an eye check-up to perform brilliantly.

Easy Eye Exercises

In case you have opted for vision correction and have undergone a surgery, post-recovery exercises are obligatory. Here are some of the easy vision improvement workouts.

  • Depth Perception – this skill helps to judge distances and speed of objects. At the same time, this helps to understand whether the hole is on a flat, uphill or downhill region. In order to improve this perception, golfers can try depth perception building computer programs. Other than this, you can even try the ball/cup bounce. All you need to do is place six identical disposable cups in a row. Place some of them forward, some backward and keep a few in their original place. Next, try to study the distances and bounce the ball into each cup. This will definitely improve your ability to see in three dimensions.
  • Peripheral Vision – this is yet another vision awareness skill that a golfer must learn. This exercise will help you to read the greens and judge the contours. Peripheral awareness will help to determine the roll of a ball towards the hole, after it you have hit it from a distance. Hence, you can relax and concentrate on the game accordingly. For practicing this, you need to pair up eight to ten pairs of socks. Take each pair and roll it into a ball. Now face a wall and ask someone to throw each of the sock-balls randomly towards the wall on either side of you, from a five to six feet distance. You need to see the sock without turning your head. This eye exercise is called sock toss.
  • Eye Focusing – for enhancing this skill, you need to move your focus from the ball to the target and then bring it back to the ball once again. For performing this exercise, change your focus from one object to another in a room and keep on repeating. This will help to increase focus flexibility between objects at different distances.
  • Contrast Sensitivity – exercising on this skill will help you to select the right club, determining the distance of the drive. You can work on this feature by playing a video game designed specifically for this purpose.

There are comprehensive programs to improve the vision of golfers because that can bring an edge into the game. So, before enrolling in any of the golf clubs of Texas or anywhere else in the USA, improve your eyesight to become a flawless player. A little exercise in this regard will go a long way.