How Does Basket Ball Enhances the Fitness and Agility in Individuals?

How Does Basket Ball Enhances the Fitness and Agility in Individuals

Basketball is a game that helps you to stay fit and stay in shape. In fact, you can keep basketball as a part of your daily fitness regime and you can rest assured that you will be able to have a fit body and mind if you are a regular basketball player. David Berkowitz Chicago, who is a student of Physics in the Duke University understands these benefits and is a die-hard fan of this game.

How Does Basket Ball Enhances the Fitness and Agility in Individuals

There are a number of advantages of playing basketball and if you are interested to know about it in details then you can go through the list given below:

  • Obesity is one of the major issues that is affecting a number of people these days and if you are a regular basketball player then you can actually burn a lot of calories. The game of basketball involves quick lateral movements, running and jumping and therefore this game helps you to burn a lot of calories.
  • Basketball also helps in improving the cardiovascular health of an individual. This game requires constant moving and thereby helps in keeping your heart rate up. Therefore basketball helps in providing you with a healthy heart and reduces your chances of having strokes and heart diseases at a later stage.
  • Basketball also helps in improving self-discipline and concentration. When you are playing basketball you have to adhere to certain rules and regulations and in order to become more competitive it is essential for you to become self-disciplined.
  • Basketball further helps in improving the bone health of an individual. If you have strong bones then the chances of it breaking is quite less. Both the muscles as well as the bones tend to become much stronger when during any physical activity the muscles tug against the bones.
  • Playing basketball also helps in developing your motor skills and also improves your coordinating skills. The jump shooting, the free throw shooting helps you to get better eye and hand cooperation. The art of rebounding the shots that have been missed is also another important quality and requires good coordination. Dribbling is a very important skill that is required for playing good basketball and requires you to have very good coordinating skills.

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