Ultra-stylish Billiards | Billiards, Design Tools | Latest Design

Ultra-stylish Billiards | Billiards, Design Tools | Latest Design

1-Billiards Romance

Billiard romance is perfect to illustrate my words, indeed, it is really beautiful aesthetically very particular. I think that once covered with the big wooden board to eat, it really becomes a table and we forget the billiard side. Its design could be close to a very good family furniture and would be very suitable for a house with the atmosphere of a castle. That said it could also be part of a very modern decor to break the codes and bring an older touch to a room, it will depend on your tastes and your decorative preferences. With its rather imposing appearance, it will be the main piece of the room, it still weighs 445kg. So it’s really imposing, that’s just what makes its decorative touch, as well as the definitions in wood. 

Ultra-stylish Billiards

2-The Panama premium billiard

The premium billiard Panama, it is part of a very chic but can remain discreet. It is gray in effect marble, it is really perfect for a white interior, chic golden tips and mirrors, I imagine very well a decoration in this way, a decoration all white, a fireplace in the same shade, white sofas filled cushions of fur always white and a pile of plaids in the same style, then this table, placed in the middle of the living room sublimated by a huge golden luster. It could be said to quite match a very sober, or even greener decoration. In a very hot atmosphere where this piece attracted attention once again to break the total look. 

3-Billiards Everest

Pool Everest is by far my favorite, and also the one that best illustrates the fact that billiards have become decorative tools. They are totally fabulous. They are made with a glass pane when you eat on it so you see the carpet, which gives an exemption character to this beautiful blue carpet table. The legs of the table are also in glass and match perfectly to the color of the wood. The billiard Everest is perfectly adapted to a very hype interior decoration and would fit perfectly in a cottage under the snow, or on the contrary in a large apartment in the south, in beige and warm colors, or the sun would come to reflect in the glass. 

4-Beautiful billiards

The house games have indeed always shown some form of wealth, they are far from free of course, but they immediately bring an important stamp to the interiors. We consider that they are also part of a decorative element, such as an element that would bring harmony or even be the highlight of your apartment for example.

5-Billiards for your parties

Billiards are extremely popular at parties at home, indeed, as they are quite rare right now. We want to take advantage of the fact that he is present and therefore we play a lot. This is a huge activity that can last a very long time. Tournaments can be launched as the evening. It is still necessary to be very careful since billiards are fragile, and it is important to choose his billiard, that is for its strength (more importantly ), but also for its aesthetics and fluidity of play. do not forget to warn your friends of the fragility of a billiard carpet, avoid dropping champagne on it. 

6-How to choose a billiard? 

Billiards are complicated to choose when you do not really know. Obviously, for the aesthetic, it concerns you only, you can choose the color of the carpet, the color of the billiard and its shape. It is also very important to check the thickness of the slate, indeed the thicker it is, the more it is of good quality, as for example for this American model which has a slate of 2.5 cm thick, showing its solidity. the material of the wood is also important, it is necessary to aim at the maximum of the massive woods, to make sure of the quality of this one. Like this billiard with his dinner model for example. On which one can eat all with family, before having fun after the meal, they are tables which remain very esthetic in a style of interior in the kitchen for example, or in the dining room or the living room. They allow performing a double activity. It’s very handy for slightly smaller rooms that only leave room for a table.