How to Take a Cycling Tour

Cycling Tour

Have you ever wanted to take an active vacation? Some people hate the idea of doing anything other than lying around whilst on vacation. However, some people love the idea of exploring nature, visiting historical landmarks, and learning about the history of a given place, all whilst exercising. If you love the idea of an active vacation, you might be interested in a cycling tour.

Cycling Tour

What Is a Cycling Tour?

A cycling tour is a pre-planned vacation package. By taking a cycling tour, you can explore parts of Europe that are not normally accessible by car. For example, suppose you would like to see rural Scotland. Scotland is a wonderful place to visit, since there are so many castles, old houses, farms, and lakes to see. With a car, your access to the country will be limited. But on a cycling tour, you can expect to see all of the sights without the hindrance of worrying about driving anywhere.

On a cycling tour, you can take a bicycle anywhere you’d like, or you can simply follow the tour guide to each destination. While simultaneously getting exercise, you can learn about the historical significance of the things you are seeing, whilst stopping to enjoy wine tasting and gourmet food, or simply pausing to take pictures.

Health Benefits

Several studies have shown that taking a break from work can relieve stress. Exercising allows the body to release endorphins, a chemical that naturally allows the brain to relax and feel happy. By exercising whilst simultaneously taking a break from your work schedule, you can experience a tremendous amount of stress relief. When you take a cycling tour, you will be able to ride your bicycle as quickly or as slowly as you like, since these tours are designed for people of all ages. So if you prefer a more leisurely pace, you can certainly take your time on a cycling tour. But if you prefer to get a workout, you will be able to increase your heart rate as you ride through beautiful landscapes.

How to Get Started

To take a cycling tour, you have two options. First, you can take the tour on your own without planning ahead. This option is possible, but it is not recommended. Without a tour guide by your side or a roadmap to follow, you might not know which spots to see, and you might miss an important landmark or landscape. Additionally, you could get into trouble if you accidentally ride your bike onto private property. Your second option is to reserve a spot on a pre-planned tour through a touring company like Hooked on Cycling.

By signing up for an official tour, you will get access to a lot of benefits that you wouldn’t get if you chose to take a tour on your own. For example, you might not learn as much about the landmarks you’re seeing if you choose to take a cycling tour without a guide.

Taking a cycling tour can be a rewarding experience, so if you are up for an adventure, be sure to reach out to a cycling tour company to learn more about the types of vacation packages available.