How to Choose the Right Golf Push Cart for Senior Golfers

Right Golf Push Cart for Senior Golfers

Playing golf regularly can help seniors stay fit, lose weight and body fat, and improve muscle tone and endurance. Playing golf also helps seniors to keep in touch with friends, reduce stress due to the pleasure of walking in a natural environment, meet new people and develop a sense of community connectedness and hence, it should always be encouraged.

Right Golf Push Cart for Senior Golfers

However, in spite of the many social and health benefits, seniors experience unique golfing difficulties. One of the main seniors golfing challenges is carrying the golfing accessories around the course. Lifting and carrying the golfing accessories around the course can cause fatigue and in some extreme cases back pain. To prevent fatigue, all seniors should consider using a golf push cart.

Golf push carts come with a range of features and in a variety of styles designed to help make playing golf more fun and enjoyable for different people with different needs. For seniors, the right golf push cart offers convenience, reduces fatigues, speeds up play, eliminates the need for caddies and adds some professionalism. Without the cart, a senior would have to pay a caddie or carry the gear around the course, which can be heavy resulting in fatigue. The cart also plays an important role in keeping the tools close to the player and thus, speed up play unlike when a player has to take a couple of minutes locating a gear.

Things that you should consider when choosing the right push cart for seniors

  1. Wheels and Parking Brakes:

The ideal golf cart should not be problematic for seniors to push around the rugged terrain of golf courses. The right push cart for senior golfers should have large wheels for smooth maneuverability around the terrain. Large wheels will help the seniors push the cart around the terrain and over the obstacles with less effort resulting in less user fatigue. Wheels that are maintenance free and airless are usually the best because they offer great balance and traction. The braking system is also an important aspect as it makes the cart easier to control while rolling down the hill. The right cart should have brakes that are easy to access and activate.

  1. Compact Design and Bulkiness:

The right golf push cart for seniors should not be heavy. You need to note that a heavy cart will become bulkier when carrying the golfing gear making it strenuous and difficult for seniors to move up and down the golf course. Furthermore, the ideal push cart for senior golfers should have the ability to collapse completely so as to occupy less space when storing and for easy portability from home to the course. You should ensure that the senior is capable of lifting the weight of the cart comfortably before you buy the cart.

  1. Quality Handles:

The right golf cart for seniors should have sturdy handles with soft padding for a firm grip and strong control. The handle should be ergonomically designed and easy to grip for increased maneuverability. The height of the handle should also let you hold it comfortably from a natural position.

  1. Extra Features:

You need to note that extra features tend to add weight and thus, you should only select what is necessary. One feature that is of great importance to an elderly golfer is the chair. It can be uncomfortable and tiring for a senior golfer to wait for quite a longer period during the game especially when the game involves many players. The seat will come in handy to make waiting for the senior’s turn more comfortable. It is highly beneficial to choose a golf push cart with a detachable seat for easy storing.

  1. Ease of Use:

The right cart should also be easy to use from the way it folds and unfolds to attaching bags and other fasteners. You should also make sure that the elderly could quickly open and use latches on the accessory compartment as well as any other mechanical feature before purchasing the cart.


It is important to remember that walking around the golf course is a gentle form of exercise that is perfect for seniors. However, due to their age and physical condition, carrying heavy equipment or even using much energy to push the cart around the course would only worsen the situation especially if the senior is suffering from other age-related conditions such as arthritis. Therefore, when choosing the right golf push cart for seniors, the aim should be to make playing golf for seniors as effortless as possible.