Factors to Consider When Buying a Racehorse

Buying a Racehorse

If you have made up your mind to purchase a racehorse, there are a number of points that should be kept in mind so that you can find the right one according to your needs and demands. By taking these things into consideration you can reduce the risk factor associated with it. Let us discuss these important factors.

Buying a Racehorse

Factors to Consider when Buying a Racehorse:

Below are listed the factors that you should consider when making a purchase of the racehorse:

Whenever you are purchasing a racehorse you need to look at the pedigree. The successors of a winner of lots of stakes are very appealing and attractive but the more successful a sire is, the more costly its offspring will be. Some sires are known to produce stayers while some produce speedy offspring. Keep into account the type of horse you want.

Bone Structure:
It is important to check the bone structure of a horse from every angle before making a purchase. Buy a horse with the right amount of bone size and structure and void the one with the heavy body and weak leg bones. It is also a good practice to touch and feel the legs of a horse to know that it doesn’t have any swelling or injury at the legs. The legs should not be heated as well because it is a sign of illness.

Good Feet Structure:
Good feet structure is a big plus point as it shows that the horse is able to carry its own weight. A slightly turned out feet or dish in circles is not an ideal condition of an athletic horse as it shows pressure on the joints. It also increases the risk of getting knocked when galloping.

Toned Muscles:
All the power of a horse comes from its back legs and the quarter, therefore, this area should have toned muscles. The muscles across shoulders should also be strong which is not very common in yearlings. Forearm muscles are something that which is desirable only when you are looking for jumpers.

It is important for a horse to look proportioned which is only possible when the hip, back, and neck are of equal length. All horses are of different shapes and sizes but the one with balanced body looks proportioned. Read horse racing surely sport sweat for more interesting information about racehorses.