Bowling for Beginners

Bowling for Beginners

Bowling is a friendly sport in the sense that amateurs can perform a performance as good as the professionals. With some training, even the most novice can improve their score. Most of the tips that we approach are for those who fail to give effect to the ball and for those who send the ball through the center of the lane.

Bowling for Beginners


The bowling ball 

If you can get your own ball you can drastically improve your score in the game. But before getting your ball you should know that there are different weights depending on the weight of your body. You must find the heaviest ball that is comfortable for you. You will want to be able to throw the ball without having to make too much effort and without hurting your hand or arm, so it is preferable to choose something that can lift and balance easily. You can print more control on a heavy ball than a light one but if it is too heavy for you, your arm will not be able to exert enough force.

To know which ball is right for you, go play a couple of times and try different balls until you find the indicated weight. If after three games you feel the arm tired and each throw a little heavier than the previous one, you should know that this is normal, which does not mean that the ball is too heavy.

Having your own ball will improve your score to the few games. This is so because that ball is the best adapted to your arm and body. In addition, you will begin to adapt to the weight and balance of your ball, something that will give you greater control in the launch. The orifices for the fingers, made especially for the hand of each owner, are perforated in an angle such that hand is perfectly articulated with your arm for a good launch.

Day by day, bowling balls have lowered their costs. There are businesses that make weekly discounts. Before making the purchase, ask if the business is responsible for making the holes in the ball so that you can drill it right there while you wait a few minutes. 

Bowling shoes 

Bowling shoes help performance because they are designed to slide just right for a better throw. In addition to that your foot will not leave the desired position. The shoes that are offered on the bowling courts are often so worn that they slip too much or too little, and it is very difficult to find the right size for the foot. In this case also weekly discounts are offered, be attentive to the offers. Once you have the shoes and the ball, you will only need one bag for the ball, otherwise, it is an extremely difficult object to transport.

Where to stand 

The place where you stop to start the movement directly influences the direction the ball will take. You must experiment and find the best position for your shot. If you have found a position where you feel comfortable, try to always stand in the same place, each lane has marks on the floor so that people can easily identify what their initial position is.

The walk

The launch is the walk. They are a few steps with which your launch will gain momentum. If you are right-handed, the first step should be with the right foot and the walk with the left foot will end. This is something that requires some time and a lot of practice. The good thing is that the practice does not need to be done when playing, it is possible to do it at home with an imaginary ball. A good walk can mean a lot to your game.


Before starting the walk, look carefully at the pines and aim. In the first shot, when the ten pines are aligned, many people look at the arrows painted on the floor rather than the pines. There is a group of arrows painted in the lane just after the launch line. Look at the closest group and choose one of these arrows. For the first few games, make sure the ball goes through the desired arrow, then worry about the pins.Many people choose the middle arrow and others the ones on the sides. This will depend on whether your shot describes a curve or not. The most desirable thing is that the ball hits between the first pine and one of the ones on the sides, either right or left. In this way, the highest score is achieved, because if the ball hits just in the center, it is more likely that a split will remain,

In the second ball, it is better to aim straight at the pins instead of at the arrows.When pointing to the pins, it is best not to take their eyes off at any point of the movement, observe them from the start of the walk until the ball is released. With any luck, the ball will follow his gaze.

If only the pins on the left have been left and you are a rookie in the game, you may want to slide the ball straight down the left side. But this is a habit that is good to break. If he throws in that way, his ball will have to do all his way stuck to the channel. Another reason not to do it this way is that if its launch has some effect it will move away from its objective. For a more effective throw, you must learn to throw the ball through the lane. That is, start standing on the right side and have the ball cross at the midpoint of the path to the left side.  If you want to throw the last pine on the left, stand on the far right and point to the exact midpoint of the lane.Although it is a shot that requires practice, it is not difficult to learn and with time it will be perfect.

Bend the knees

When you release the ball, bend your knees as much as you can and make it comfortable. This will make the ball come out from a point closer to the floor, which gives you more control.

Do not turn your wrist 

Many people tend to turn their wrist, which only forces us to compensate for that unwanted effect with an undesired direction. While keeping your wrist firm and straight you can exert more control over the ball.

After a strike 

These are the shots in which it is possible to throw all the pines. The next shot is very important because it is the one that adds the most points. Apply your greatest concentration and effort to this shot to achieve a higher score.

Clean the oil 

The floor of the bowling lanes is waxed with oil to make the ball slide more easily.But to have more control you need to have some friction between the ball and the floor, especially if your shots have some effect. So that the oil does not influence your shots, clean the ball before each throw.