Basics of Basketball

In the practice of Basketball should be clear a series of basic fundamentals. These foundations comprise the set of individual technical skills that allow us to develop the game.
Given the great importance of the knowledge of these concepts, a plan should be developed that considers their teaching in the training categories (the entire stage of Minibasket), without neglecting its application in higher stages.

Basics of basketball

We distinguish 3 skills that should be considered essential in the practice of this sport and whose correct execution is a must for any player:

  • Botar: The boat, also known as dribbling, is the act of bouncing the ball against the ground and returning to the hand, without losing control.
    It is the only action that allows us to advance through the field with the ball. There are different types of boat according to the situation of the player’s game (defensive boat, counterattack boat, penetration boat), but common to all types of boats is that they must be done without looking at the ball and bouncing with the ball. fingertips, never with the palm.
  • Pass: The pass is the action of throwing the ball to a partner with precision and security so that you can advance through the field quickly without the need to throw.
    There are different types of passes; chopped, head, one hand, pumped … and players must master many of them to have a wide range of resources.

In lower categories, such as schools or pre Benjamin, the pass acquires a very important component, because in the development of the matches we can find that the advanced player in the pot monopolizes the whole game. By enhancing the pass you get 2 objectives, that the players stay alert and react faster and, encourage the team spirit.

  • Throw: The shot consists of throwing the ball into the basket. It is one of the fundamental techniques given that if there is no domain of the shot, points cannot be scored in the matches. The correct shooting mechanics are very developed.
    There are great coaches, like Randy Knowles, who teaches how to shoot and get the ball hitting simple elements such as the position of the feet, the grip of the ball, the extension of the arm, the rise of the ball and the final position of the ball. body

  • Basketball is a very complex sport and, here we have only outlined the basics. To understand it and be able to develop a good game, you have to improve many other skills both individually and collectively.