Teaching Program for the Basic Training of the Team of Baseball

Teaching Program for the Basic Training of the Team of Baseball


For the preparation of this program has been taken into account the current characteristics that are manifested in baseball among which highlights the marked age of the great baseball worldwide, example of them are many juvenile figures or under 22 years that integrate the national selections of their different countries, this has been possible due to the increase in the volume and intensity of the loads included in the new technological advances of today and the high mastery of the technique achieved by the players.

Also appear a series of information related to the theoretical, psychological, physical, tactical and technical, together with a large group of exercises that will enable the coach to enter with greater safety and efficiency in the scientific field of sports training, allows the reasoning of specialists for the implementation of new methods and techniques that contribute to raise the understanding of their players.

Teaching Program for the Basic Training of the Team of  Baseball

The success will depend to a great extent on the interest, initiative, creativity and knowledge of the technicians, who in a skilful and concrete way will know how to adapt them to the conditions in each category following the applied methodology.

Cuba, a country identified in the sports world, by the high pedagogical level of its specialists and coaches, is always in search of higher levels in the teaching and consolidation of the game of our baseball players.

This document that treasures the experience of our baseball professionals and has played a significant role in the unification of methodological and pedagogical orientations can be used as a tool for methodological work for all coaches and even for those retired athletes who have not had the opportunity to receive a specialization study in training schools in the field because with their knowledge and technical skills it will be easier to take their job with all the requirements and logical order of the contents.

The guide for our current daily work, is contained in historical speeches delivered by Commander in Chief Fidel Castro Ruz, in the closing session of the III Congress of the Party and the Anniversary of the inauguration of the EIDE of Havana City, is expressed that: “the number one principle is to promote the well-being and health of the people with sport and the number two is to be champions …

To fully comply with these basic objectives, Sports Specialists must with the quality and the required requirement, develop our sport as an essential way in the integral formation of our players in our area of influence. The basic training program for the baseball player is a tool of importance for the work, whose effective use will have an unquestionable value in the projection of Cuban sport.

“That in each level of education, consolidation and sports improvement, the logical order established in the program is fulfilled in order to achieve the basic objective: to develop the mass and of this, that future champions arise that the High-Performance sport requires “

The participation of all the potential of Sports Specialists who work from the base, has allowed us to reach a stage where the in-depth analysis has prevailed, and the necessary updating, enabling the development of sports through baseball and categories up to 14 years, whose logical order of content has a solid scientific basis.

The document that will come into force in the school year 2010 – 2011, in the Municipality of Moa, is in constant theoretical and practical analysis, all the Specialists are able to contribute their ideas and in turn participate directly in it, achieving this qualitatively superior levels in its preparation. Today’s Cuban sports movement has a historic commitment to the athletes of tomorrow, which we are prepared to guide by relying on the principles of revolutionary sport.

The basic training program of the baseball player is aimed at all baseball coaches who have the responsibility of training the athletes at all levels and categories that are instituted by the central body. The preparation and distribution of this work guide was prepared by experienced trainers from all the provinces of the country.

It took into account the different fundamental competences in which each category participates for its provinces, the main problems that move the sport and above all, that the athletes receive the teaching of the technical-tactical elements without the pressure of fulfilling the loads.

The importance of being able to comply with the program from the first day, will guarantee a correct formation of habits.

In no case should we move on to a more complex element if the previous one is not taught and consolidated? We must bear in mind all the days we are teaching, educating a group of young players; that its fruit will not be seen in the short term, but in due time. The demand in High-Performance Sports is growing, so that work at the base is becoming increasingly important for the country.

The sports quality enhancer training for players in baseball training

In tackling this issue, we must first be competent, know what competition is in the 21st century, how to face the challenges to achieve success, and know how far we can go from here. We will define as competition the following: “… A competition is a” know how “, with” know “and” conscience “. The term “competence refers to a set of properties of each one of us that are constantly changing and that have to undergo the test of the resolution of concrete problems, either in daily life or in work situations through the sports training that contains some uncertainty and some technical and tactical complexity. The big difference is that the competition does not come only from the approval of a curriculum,

“Competencies are in the middle, between” knowledge “and skills. Then, competences, as a set of unstable properties of people, which must be permanently tested, are opposed to qualifications that are mediated by a diploma and by seniority in the task, the important thing today is to be competent, which means know how to do things, solve situations. But as situations are increasingly complex, being competent requires, on the one hand, many knowledges, theoretical and practical, and because of a lot of imagination and creativity, that is the key to success in sports. “

The quality of the athlete in this baseball training program, it is defined that all the boys, upon reaching the completion of their education, both teaching and mandatory sports have achieved:

High skills in learning the tactical-technical elements of the sport received.

Know how to communicate using words, numbers, images, skillfully navigating the sports information highways through electronic networks

High competences in the formation of their values, based on their honesty, responsibility, patriotism, identity, courage, among others.

Learn to solve problems in all areas of knowledge.

Teaching Program for the Basic Training of the Team of  Baseball

High competitions in sporting events where he participates, for his results, discipline and total dedication to the sports activity he represents.

In the preparation of the athlete the quality, quantity and concentration of attention have to be very close to each other, think about what you have to do in the game and apply everything learned during training is a basic rule to obtain good results. To carry out a work with harmony and efficiency, it is essential to rely on four fundamental aspects that are:

  • The learning
  • The execution
  • Decision making
  • Importance of the mastery of the basic fundamentals

Taking into account the four previous aspects we will analyze the weight that we are going to give to each one of them at the corresponding moment:

The learning

At this stage the athlete begins to learn the different basic technical elements of baseball, for which the coaches must be patient with the difficulties presented by the children, stimulate them, look for new exercises and work methods that help the athlete to assimilate the content.

During the learning it is important to follow the logical sequence of the different technical-tactical elements that appear in the baseball training program, starting from the easy to the difficult, it will only change from one element to another when the student dominates what appears in the program for each category, in this phase the technique is prioritized more and the number of repetitions will be according to the level of the domain acquired by the athletes.

In baseball, sometimes coaches are more concerned with the effectiveness of the player in the field than with the fulfillment of social tasks that influence performance during the preparation of the athlete such as: their studies, family relationships, domestic characteristics, his friends, among other aspects of his life and that is why the coach plays a very important role, because if he manages to reach those moles he has never attended, his players will begin to have confidence in his coach and will always express their criteria without fear to be repressed.

In baseball you have to see the players according to their real possibilities in each position and not prioritize players for their sporting quality;

Many times the coaches worry more about the effective and outstanding players in the batting than for the rest of the players, but we must bear in mind that in the games the 9 regular players do not always finish and in the final moments of the matches we always have two or three athletes who are in the field and are not the leaders of the team, it is for the foregoing that the coach must take into account all players and even those of the bank that at any time replace the regular players must be prepared to do well and to maintain an advantage or play at the same level to achieve victory.

In many occasions the influential players always decide the parties to their favor, the confidence in each baseball players is key to obtain a good result; Sometimes we find a player who has had a low performance throughout the game showing erratic in his game, but at the crucial moment he is presented with a situation where he has to take a shot to define the game and execute it effectively and step gives victory to his team, but his percentage in the game is still bad;

However, we must bear in mind that this player recovered from his bad moment in the whole game and he knew how to hit the ball that would definitely determine the result in his favor. As an interesting aspect the coach and this last player know that despite contributing to the victory,

In the social evaluation everyone is aware of the results in athletes, therefore, they are watching their family members, friends, opponents, the public that follows him etc., which is why it plays a very important role individual responsibility of the athlete during his preparation where discipline, honesty, will, companionship among other values.

They are key to achieve a worthy result of those who see athletes their idols on and off the field, this is the significance of learning the technical elements of the baseball player, with these skills the player responds to the expectations of those who follow him and they support in the different parties and competitions.


The coach must know the responsibility he has in the execution of the different technical elements, here plays a determining role the level that the child is achieving, the requirement on each content expired and the precise moment to change from one technique to another, the quality of repetitions will be subject to the domain acquired by the athletes in the execution of each movement; we must remember that when an athlete does not master the technique of an element, we must keep in mind that the repetitions have to be aimed at perfecting precisely that movement, because otherwise if there are deficiencies in the techniques, many repetitions will fix the technical problems that later will be difficult to improve .

It is necessary to vary the exercises aimed at achieving an objective, in order to avoid the monotony consequently, the loss of intensity, concentration and motivation in the player, since to master a certain technical aspect it will be necessary to repeat a high number of times.

Decision making

To start this aspect we must first start from the concept of cognitive abilities: they suppose the control of the information that circulates through the task and how it is processed and used by the athlete. It usually manifests itself through decision-making tasks, once the conditions of the environment have been analyzed and related to the intentionality pursued by the player.

The cognitive structure will be more general when the decision-making tasks are intended to create this capacity nonspecifically. They are based on work with simpler decision making than in real conditions, through nonspecific stimuli and nonspecific responses (easier to identify and execute than specific ones).

The cognitive component will be specific as the decision-making tasks are based on the elements of the tactics (individual and collective) proper and specific to that sport, and even overcoming the most complex conditions that may arise during the game, we can build the systems on the conditional basis by associating the coordinative and cognitive structure that allow to realize systems of a General approach,

This work is very important from the first years of the preparation of the athlete, and we can even observe how in games or official competitions players make mistakes for not making the right decision before a certain action.

At present there are athletes who do not have internalized the concept of decision making at the right time lose Olympic gold medals, the case of high level players in this sport, which in situations of numerical advantage losing (3vs2, with runner first in the seventh inning instead of touching the ball they make a strong swing and fail the possibility of tying the game, or players that go down in the score are going to steal and thus a series of plays where the correct decision is not made and They cost match.

The player must be taught from the start in training how to make the right decision, taking the different situations of play; If the offensive player is going to steal base, he must know the characteristics of the pitcher, how he turns, whether he is slow or fast in his movements, whether he has a lot of speed or not, how to overtake, see the receiver’s signs and study the receiver, know if he has a good arm, if he is quick in his movements to throw the bases in order that study will take him to make the right decision at the moment of acting in the game and this must be in each of the offensive or defensive actions that correspond to him To the player to make the final decision, this exercise must be worked daily in each training,

A question that should always be on the lips of the coach for his players fundamentally in the lower categories is; For example, if the player goes to the robbery and is hitting what to do, he will respond by shooting to cover the batter’s sight or hitting behind the runner; in the case of a second base if there is a man in first and the ball is played, the answer is to cover first, this will allow players to master the concept of making decisions at the right time, the important thing is to apply the objective that is the criterion of the action between the offensive player and the defensive player.

Basic fundamentals

The fundamentals are the most important elements in the development of a team; learning them and applying them well is the first step to structure a winning team, it is the soul of the great champions of the world, the disposition of the player and the coach will influence their learning. To become a good baseball player it is an absolute requirement to have an absolute command of all the fundamentals of this game.

Examples exist in the world, players of the stature of Antonio Pacheco, Luis Giraldo Casanova, Braudilio Vinent, Antonio Muñoz, Agustín Marquety, Omar Linares, Víctor Mesa, among others, who have total control in all directions of baseball, the criterion about the axiom that players are born and not made, here with those athletes have no validity, They have become so because of their consistency and dedication in training.

The teaching of the fundamentals is not easy, but we should always demand that players maintain interest despite the volume and repetitions of the exercises, this is vital for the correct formation of habits. The coach who has given due importance to the teaching of the basic fundamentals, will verify that it is very simple to adapt to any game pattern of his team and carry out all the technical-tactical arsenal in training and competition.